Body Wave

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Note: Each bundle equals 3.7oz-4oz, which means, the longer the hair, the shorter the track and vice versa. Also each track is double wefted.



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Length (inches)

40 inches, 38 inches, 36 inches, 34 inches, 32 inches, 30 inches, 28 inches, 26 inches, 24 inches, 22 inches, 20 inches, 18 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 12 inches

Hair Color

Natural Black (1b), Natural Brown


  1. :

    I’ve had my BOOJEE HAIR “BODY WAVE” in since April 20, 1013, and i must say i abslutely love it. It has minimum sheading, i may get a strand or two every now and then but thats nothing compared to other hair. Ive colored it intensely and its never had a break from being sewn in maybe more than 3 hours. It doesnt tangle and my ends are still flawless. I have in 4 bundles 24,26,26,26, because its long and full. IF you wanna see pictures just go to my IG @bangnedrabang. Trust me its worth every cent!!!!

  2. :

    boojee hair is wonderful no tangleing very low maintence and blends with any hair hair textures ‘ i and my clients sport this hair @teamboojee

  3. :

    The best hair ever. I bought mine in May 2013, colored it, even sewed it on a wig cap. People give me compliments on the hair. I will buy more in bulk for my clients. Team boojee hair!!!!

  4. :

    I love my boojee hair.. I have def tried the rest and I have to say boojee is the best. I send all my clients to them because I can trust their product.. love love love this hair.

  5. :

    Best Virgin hair ever!! I’ve been boojee since December 2013 and my hair is still as nice as the day i purchased it. I haven’t tried the other textures just yet but my family and friends that ive recommended have and they all love boojeehair as well. I rarelt get shedding or tangling. Compared to other virgin hair companies i tried boojee is the best. The only hair company i use!!

  6. :

    Love the hair

  7. (verified owner):

    SOOO I just had to say that I ordered this hair yesterday August 8, 2014 and Just recieved it today August 9, 2014 @ 11 AM!!!! SUPER FAST! I am so excited to have it installed! Thanks boojee hair! :)

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