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Do men really notice a woman's hair?

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What's up ladies?! Kin here, and I wanted to let you know that men definitely notice your hair! I've been in the hair business for almost 9 years, in and out of salons, listening to women talk about how men never notice their hair. That is total bs, we notice and take notes for sure. 

Ladies, your man notices the slightest change in your hair, the dramatic color change, the big or little chop and everything else about your hair! I've watched men accompany their women while shopping for hair and had more of a decision to make that the woman herself. The truth is, we just don't know what you all want us to say about your hair. Often enough, we experience 1,000,000 questions, after sharing our opinion or offering a compliment on yall's hair that its not worth the conversation to us.

If you don't believe me, ask any man that you know is attracted to you, their favorite hair style that you wear. I guarantee you he will be able to to tell you from the color, the length and even the style he likes to see you wear. If he can't, I have some bad news for you. He's not that into you!


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